Arsenal midfielder Dani Ceballos has some riddles in Spanish… can you solve them?

Use these riddles as a fun warm up activity at the start of a lesson, or save them all for a fun lesson at the end of term!

Pause the video when prompted to allow pupils sufficient time to solve each riddle.

If you would like pupils to read the riddle alongside listening to the video, click the link below each video, which will download a transcript sheet, with space for pupils to record vocabulary and make notes in order to solve the riddle.

Note: The riddles, especially when used alongside the transcript sheet, are a great way to deconstruct any grammatical points you wish to introduce or reinforce.

Click to download the Spanish Riddles Answers

Riddle 1

Riddle 2

Riddle 3

Riddle 4

Riddle 5

Riddle 6

Riddle 7

Riddle 8

Riddle 9