Football Positions


Pupils can model the “I am” structures shown to learn the different football positions. In the space at the bottom, they should write their own structure stating which position they like to play in.


Listen to Nacho Monreal and Hector Bellerin revealing their dream 5-a-side teams.

  • Can you identify the football positions (Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder, Winger and Striker)?
  • Using the Nacho Monreal’s Dream Team sheet below, write the names of the players Nacho chooses in his team in each of the 5 positions, then on the right-hand side, note down any comments he gives about each player
  • Repeat using the Hector Bellerin’s Dream Team sheet and video
  • Extension: Using the My Dream Team sheet, create your own dream 5-a-side team and write one sentence explaining why you have picked each player.

Nacho Monreal’s Dream Team

Hector Bellerin’s Dream Team

Other Football Vocabulary

Download the wordsearch below to introduce and reinforce football vocabulary.

  • Wordsearch (ES) (PDF)
  • Wordsearch Answers (ES) (PDF)