The Arsenal Double Club Portuguese language modules were developed in partnership with the Capital L – Routes Into Languages.

The series of six lessons and football sessions engages students in studying Portuguese through an introductory course based on Arsenal Football Club. The six lesson plans are designed to be used with the pupil booklet and PowerPoint presentations and include reading, writing, speaking and listening activities.

The delivery format is 45 minutes of class-based exercises using football-themed language materials provided, delivered by a languages teacher. This is followed by 45 minutes of football practice, using the target language – led by a qualified coach using the coach notes provided.

Routes into Languages

Downloadable sample resources

Arsenal Bingo

(Sign-up required) – An activity for all languages.

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Beginners Resources

Download our Beginner’s Level resources for Portuguese below. Resources Pupil Workbook Teacher’s Notes Extra Downloads You can download the resources (worksheets, flashcards, PPTs etc.) that tie in directly with the workbooks by clicking on the links below. Unit 1 Pictures of Arsenal Players (PPT) Emotions (PPT) Unit 2 Words With Numbers (PPT) Football Words Flashcards […]

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