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Double Club Italian contains a variety of activity-based resources for teaching and learning at primary level: booklets for pupils, teachers and coaches, audio and video materials and detailed lesson plans.

Double Club Italian is run in collaboration between Arsenal FC and the Education Department of the Italian Consulate General.

Italian Consulate

Downloadable sample resources

Arsenal Bingo

(Sign-up required) – An activity for all languages.

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Beginners Downloads

You can download the resources (worksheets, flashcards, PPTs etc.) that tie in directly with the beginners workbooks by clicking on the links below. Downloads Unit 1 Pictures of Arsenal Players (PPT) Emotions (PPT) Unit 2 Words With Numbers (PPT) Football Words Flashcards (PDF) Unit 3 Colour Flashcards (PDF) Football Kits Worksheet (PDF) Country Flags (PPT) […]

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