To celebrate this summer’s FIFA Women’s World Cup in France, we have created these FREE mixed-ability resources to use in class!


Download and print this German wallchart and follow the tournament with your classes. The wallchart is best printed in colour, size A2 or A3.

About the teams

Download these worksheets to find out which countries are taking part. Pupils can practise colours vocabulary by researching the teams, completing the sentences and colouring in the kits.

Players to watch

Download these PDF files (or the PowerPoint which contains all in one) for a short biography on 9 Arsenal players that will feature at the World Cup:

Option 1: Download this worksheet for comprehension questions in ENGLISH based on the above texts.

Option 2: Download this worksheet for comprehension questions in GERMAN based on the above texts.

Option 3: Use the texts to identify grammatical points, such as tenses, adjective agreement, verb conjugations, etc. You could also use the texts to run a translation exercise, or ask pupils to research and write a short biography about any other players featuring in the tournament.

Match reports

Encourage pupils to watch any game during the tournament, then download and print this match report template for them to report on the action. This could be a class or homework activity and encourages descriptive writing, building vocabulary and use of mixed tenses. Pupils could even try and include reported speech.

Group discussions

Ask pupils the question: “Wie kann sich Frauenfußball nach der Weltmeisterschaft weiterentwickeln?” (Translation: How can women’s football develop further after the World Cup?) Pupils should discuss possible ideas to increase the popularity of the women’s game, which may include more media coverage, greater investment, increased playing opportunities for young girls, etc. Pupils should research key vocabulary and give a short presentation of their ideas to the rest of the class.