Trainieren mit Serge

  • Get the pupils to stand up in a clear space – they will need enough room to take two steps forward / backwards / to each side.
  • Watch the ‘Training commands’ video (below), in which Serge introduces the various commands. When Serge gives the command ‘Los!’ (‘Go!’), a drum beat plays and a countdown graphic appears on the screen. While the drums are playing, the pupils should jog on the spot.
  • The pupils should repeat the instructions aloud and carry out the corresponding actions, as demonstrated by Serge. Between the commands, while the drum beat is playing, the pupils should jog on the spot.
  • A list of suggested actions is provided in the teachers’ notes (PDF), but please feel free to make up your own actions / get the pupils to choreograph their own moves.
  • With the commands learnt, divide the pupils into two groups and watch the ‘Trainieren mit Serge’ videos (below), in which Serge gives training commands at random. Which group is the best at following the commands?


  • You can play the videos in full screen mode by clicking on the ‘full screen’ symbol in the bottom right-hand corner of the Vimeo player. If you need more time to explain / practise the actions, pause the video when the pause symbol appears on the screen.
  • Try playing each video three times: once as warm-up, once as a competition between the two groups, and once with the audio only, so the pupils have to follow the commands aurally. (You could turn off the projector or minimise the browser window to hide the video player.)
  • Once pupils are confident with the commands, why not run your own version of the activity, led by the pupils?


Send us a video!

Are your pupils smooth movers? Why not film them training with Serge and upload the video to YouTube or similar. Contact us and we’ll feature the best ones online.

Introduction: Training Commands

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