The Double Club German resources now contain an exclusive set of interactive video activities with Arsenal winger and German U19 international, Serge Gnabry.

In a series of videos, Serge acts as both teacher and football coach, asking questions for your pupils to answer and giving coaching commands for them to follow. This provides a fun way of introducing new vocabulary and a perfect opportunity for an energetic warm-up session in the classroom.

Training videos – sample

  • Serge introduces and demonstrates coaching commands.
  • The pupils repeat the commands and carry out the corresponding actions.
  • With the commands learnt, the pupils are divided into two groups; they watch further videos in which Serge gives training commands at random. Which group is the best at following the commands?

Quizzes – sample

  • Serge asks questions to the camera for your pupils to answer.
  • In extended versions of the videos, Serge provides the answers, as well as further questions for your pupils to discuss.
  • There are two separate versions of the ‘answer’ videos, one with the responses at the end, and one with the responses after each question.