Season 2019/20


Watch the video of French midfielder Matteo Guendouzi introducing himself.

Then, using the “Salut!” worksheet below, pupils should fill in the gaps to complete the transcript of what Matteo says.

Pupils can then write a paragraph about Matteo Guendouzi in the third person, using the information from the transcript they have just completed.

On the next page, pupils should write a paragraph about themselves, mirroring the structures modeled by Matteo.

Pupils can then present themselves to the class and create 2 profile cards about their classmates (and add a photo/drawing if they wish!)

Le football et toi

Download the “Le football et toi” worksheet below, which introduces pupils to some simple structures used when describing yourself or someone else.

Pupils can model the structures shown in the speech bubbles in pairs and then complete their own version in the space below. On the second page, pupils are introduced to some extra verbs in the 3rd person. Pupils should fill in the gaps and then write about their favourite player, also in the 3rd person. They should include as much information as possible, using all the structures and verbs they have used already.

Qui est-ce?

Open the Qui est-ce? PowerPoint below and challenge pupils to work out who is being described, using the accompanying Player Sheet to help them. Pupils can also use the Player Sheets (or their own knowledge) to extend this activity, using the structures modeled in the PowerPoint.