Arsenal Double Club Ambassadors is aimed at students aged 14+ who are at a crucial stage in their language learning, as they seek to truly understand and appreciate the value of having language skills.

There are 6 units of approximately 1h 30 mins, each of which include a classroom and practical session. Throughout the course, students will learn the basics of planning and leading a football session, as well as developing the confidence, leadership and communicative skills to become ambassadors for language learning.

At the end of each unit, students are given some “Off the Pitch” tasks to complete in time for the next session. These include their “Language Discoveries”, which is their own personal space for recording any new language they have learned (either during the course or of their own accord) and a “Reflective Journal”, which pushes the students to analyse their learning, as well as their own strengths and areas for development. Some units also include an “Extension Activity”, which are short tasks that are designed to be so engaging that the students will actually want to do them!

At the end of the 6 units, there are 3 tasks for students to complete in order to complete the Arsenal Double Club Ambassadors course and have their Student Booklet signed off by their tutor:

  • Plan and deliver an assembly to peers or younger students about why languages are important
  • Plan and deliver a 15-minute football coaching session to peers or younger students that incorporates language
  • Complete all Reflective Journals and Language Discoveries pages in the Student Booklet

While the language of tuition is English, students will be expected to incorporate the target language at various stages, which will challenge their ability to learn vocabulary related to football coaching, to master a range of linguistic structures and increase their confidence to speak and respond spontaneously.