Get your groups practising their numbers with this simple game of Arsenal Bingo.

There are two versions: Arsenal Men’s First Team and Arsenal Ladies First Team. Simply download and print the bingo strips, cut off the number of strips you require and give one to each pupil. The teacher calls out a random number from the name card in the target language – with or without player names, depending on your pupils’ grasp of numbers. This process continues until a pupil has achieved a full-house, by calling out ‘Tor!’ / ‘But!’ / ‘Gol!’ / ‘Rete!’ / ‘Gol!(Golo!)’.

You could even ask a pupil who has a full-house to call out the numbers they have on their strip, in the target language, to check they have actually won.

Other suggestions

  • If you want the game to continue, get the winning pupil to carry on calling out the numbers to the rest of the class, to see who comes in second/third place.
  • Print out multiple name cards and get pupils to play amongst themselves in smaller groups.
  • Whoever is calling out the numbers could instead opt to give a clue about the player without saying the number, for example describing their physical appearance, or if known, their position.

Downloadable files