New pricing for Beginners booklets!

Arsenal Double Club CPDIn time for the new academic year, we are delighted to announce we have reduced the cost of Arsenal Double Club Beginners Level booklets, which have been updated for the 2019/20 football season, and are now available to all UK schools!

The new cost of participating is as follows:

  • Beginners Level Pupil workbooks: £4 per pupil or £100 for a class of 30 pupils (no VAT applies)
  • Optional Language Day visit for Beginners Level participants: £10.00 (+VAT) per pupil

Please note that the accompanying Teacher’s Notes, coaching guide and online access for downloadable extras are all included in the cost of the Beginners pupil workbooks.

These resources are a great way to introduce pupils to a new language or reinforce existing knowledge. The activities have been designed for beginners or learners with a low level, regardless of their age. Click here for more information.

The price of our online only Intermediate Level resources remains as follows:

  • Digital Membership to access online Intermediate Level: Free of charge
  • Optional Language Day visit for Intermediate Level participants: £15.00 (+VAT) per pupil