New prices for Double Club Languages materials

mertesacker_double_club_books_letterboxFrom 1 September 2015, all Double Club Languages materials will be at a cost of just £6 per pupil. If you want to purchase resources for a whole class, this can be done at a flat rate of £150 per class*.

This new price structure is the same for both primary and secondary level materials across all languages. The cost of materials includes our brand-new online range of additional resources, which you can log into using your username and password issued to you upon signing up for the programme.

The cost to bring your group on an optional Language Day visit to Emirates Stadium will remain at £7.50 (+ VAT) per pupil and is in addition to the cost of learning materials.

* One class is considered to be 30 pupils. Any additional resources will be at a cost of £6 per pupil.