Lunchtime German lessons for Arsenal staff

Lunchtime German lessons for Arsenal staffOver the summer, Arsenal in the Community offered free German lessons to Arsenal employees at lunchtime at the new Arsenal Hub, using Double Club materials.

Two weekly classes were quickly filled by staff either wishing brush up on existing knowledge of the language, or pick it up for the first time. The opportunity proved extremely popular, with 40 people from departments including Commercial, Finance, Marketing, Travel & Events, Contact Centre, and Arsenal Media Group putting themselves forward for the lessons.

Double Club Languages Coordinator, Steve Eadon, delivered the sessions and said: “It was great to have colleagues get together at the Arsenal Hub to learn German. They impressed me a lot with how quickly they grasped the language – there are certainly a few closet linguists in the office. It was also a rare opportunity to showcase an Arsenal in the Community project to colleagues, who may have heard about the work we do but probably haven’t had the chance to see it in action.”

Events Executive, Beth O’Neill, who came up with the idea of lunchtime lessons, said: “Language skills are always highly regarded by your employer and a brilliant asset to have. The Double Club sessions were always fun and had a friendly atmosphere, so you never felt intimidated or silly speaking out loud. The materials were fun and user friendly and it’s great to see the players getting involved for the quizzes.”

Andrew Pigott, Travel Executive, acknowledged the added benefits of the German lessons among staff members: “On top of developing the language, the classes have provided an insight into the work the Arsenal in the Community team does for the Club and also provided an opportunity to get to know some of my colleagues better. I fully intend to carry on learning the language and will miss this weekly supplement which provided an opportunity to speak it.”

Mark Brindle, Supporter Liaison Officer, recalled learning German in his school days: “The way it was taught then made it boring. The Double Club team have shown me that learning languages, whilst still challenging, can be fun. By using a subject that I was comfortable and enthusiastic about made the lessons very effective.”

Marketing Manager, Gillian Moroney, added: “The materials used by the Double Club with the emphasis on Arsenal and football make learning German fun and enjoyable. Learning German is most definitely something I will continue doing in the future.”

Will there be more staff language lessons in the future? “We’ll see,” Steve replied. “I’m being nagged now so word is getting around!”