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Aiming to inspire and motivate pupils at primary and secondary level, Double Club Languages uses Arsenal and football to show pupils that language learning can be achievable, rewarding and, above all, fun!

The programme currently includes modules in French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, and is usually delivered in sessions of two 45-minute ‘halves’, just like a real football game.
In one half, pupils develop their language skills in the classroom, working with specially designed, Arsenal-themed workbooks, interactive PowerPoint activities and videos featuring the international stars of the Arsenal squad speaking in their own native languages.
In the other half, pupils move to the football pitch, where they hone not only their skills on and off the ball, but also the vocabulary and phrases they have learnt in the classroom in a series of coaching activities from the Arsenal training manual.

Double Club Languages is available to all UK schools at Key Stages 2 and 3. At primary and secondary level, it is a great way to build on pupils’ existing language knowledge or even to introduce them to a new language. The secondary Double Club modules also specifically aim to boost pupils’ enthusiasm for languages in advance of their GCSE options.

At the end of the programme, participating schools have the option to bring their students to Emirates Stadium, home of Arsenal Football Club, for a tour with a multilingual member of the Arsenal in the Community staff. Here, pupils are encouraged to practice their language skills while they visit areas such as the Directors’ Box, media rooms and the Arsenal changing rooms, and to go pitchside to see the famous turf from the manager’s perspective.

Click here to find out more about how Double Club Languages works in practice, and to download some sample resources.

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