The school is responsible for running the sessions – Arsenal cannot send teachers or coaches into schools to deliver these sessions.

No knowledge of football or of Arsenal is required to teach the resources or to take part in the programme.

Once you have signed up and received your resources and/or online login details, you can start to run the programme in school in whichever way suits your school’s needs.

If you are using the Beginners Level pupil booklets, the following materials are provided to support whoever is running the sessions in school:

  • Enhanced Teacher’s Notes (in English) that guide you through the activities in the pupil workbooks and offer ideas to develop activities to include communicative skills
  • Coaching guide for practical sessions, which includes step-by-step instructions, diagrams, and all vocabulary in the target language needed to run the activities, accompanied by online audio recordings to act as a pronunciation support

Coaching sessions, in particular, can be delivered by any member of staff who is willing and able to lead PE activities.

Of course, having a modern languages teacher (or assistant) as well as a trained football coach or PE teacher would be ideal, but the supporting materials available reduce the need for one or the other.

For example, the coaching guide could be used by a modern languages teacher who does not specialise in PE or football coaching. Likewise, a PE teacher or football coach will be able to deliver practical sessions with the small amount of vocabulary provided in the coaching guide.

If you have signed up to use the online Intermediate Level materials, ideas and guidance on how to use the materials are provided on each activity page.

To provide extra, authentic language support, consider using other language teachers, language assistants, volunteers from local businesses or universities, student ambassadors or even the pupils themselves!