The Arsenal Double Club Languages programme is designed to be flexible and adaptable to your school’s needs. Simply order your resources online and start delivering your sessions!

Héctor Bellerín at Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, IslingtonIt is entirely your decision as to how many hours per week you spend using the materials, and you are free to pick and choose from the resources, working through them at your pupils’ pace.

In the past, schools would run two 45-minute sessions, mirroring a football match. The first session would take place in the classroom, using the pupil workbooks and interactive resources, followed by the second half out on the playground or school field for a practical session using the coaching guide.

Nowadays, however, schools simply integrate the resources alongside their existing provision for modern languages, in a way that fits in with the school’s timetable. There are no requirements, for example, to complete any number of practical sessions in order to complete the classroom resources.

If running as an after-school club, then in terms of numbers, a minimum group size of 8-10 pupils is ideally needed to run a Double Club session effectively. We also suggest a maximum of 30 pupils, though split into two groups of 15 where possible, especially if you are following the traditional model of two 45-minute halves.

Here are some delivery models frequently used by primary and secondary schools across the UK:

  • Use the classroom resources during curriculum time to support existing scheme of work, with practical sessions taking place, if at all, as a reward or to boost motivation where possible
  • Run the programme entirely as an after-school club, following the traditional model of two 45-minute halves
  • Offer the programme as an end of term treat, perhaps in the summer months
  • Use the classroom resources during curriculum time and run the practical sessions at lunch time or after school
  • Run the programme intensively during the school holidays, perhaps for pupils transitioning between primary and secondary school

When you have reached the end of the programme in school, you can arrange an exciting trip to Emirates Stadium for your group for a unique Language Day visit.

The programme, its resources and the Language Day visit are all designed to be engaging and motivating for both boys and girls who would benefit from linking language learning to football. They do not have to be elite players or Arsenal fans. (For the non-Arsenal fans, expressing a negative opinion, as well as stating preferences, is all part of learning a language!)