1. How do I sign up?

Place your order using the Get Involved section of the website.


  • After placing your order, you will receive an automatic receipt confirming your order and cost
  • Your resources will arrive within 2 weeks of placing your order. If they do not arrive within 2 weeks, please e-mail languages@arsenal.co.uk. Please note: if you are ordering materials in more than one language, your resources may arrive separately as it is our language partners who dispatch the materials for their respective language.
  • Once your resources have arrived, please confirm receipt by e-mailing languages@arsenal.co.uk. This will prompt us to set up your online login
  • You will receive an invoice from Arsenal shortly before the end of term


  • After signing up, you will receive a confirmation email.
  • A member of the Arsenal Double Club Languages team will email you with your username and password to access the Intermediate Level materials online. If you do not receive your login details within five working days, please e-mail languages@arsenal.co.uk

2. How much does it cost?

The cost of running the Arsenal Double Club Languages programme is as follows:

  • Beginners Level Pupil workbooks: £4 per pupil or £100 for a class of 30 pupils (no VAT applies)
  • Optional Language Day visit for Beginners Level participants: £10.00 (+VAT) per pupil
  • Digital Membership to access online Intermediate Level: Free of charge
  • Optional Language Day visit for Intermediate Level participants: £15.00 (+VAT) per pupil

Please note that the Teacher’s Notes, coaching guide and online access for downloadable extras are all included in the cost of the Beginners pupil workbooks.

The school is responsible for arranging and covering any other associated costs, including staff to run sessions in school and transport to and from Emirates Stadium for the Language Day visit. If your school is in Islington, Camden, Hackney or Hertsmere, please contact us about a possible subsidy to your school through your local authority.

All state schools in the UK are able to apply for a grant from The David Buckland Trust to contribute towards the cost of running Arsenal Double Club.

3. How do I make payment?

You will receive an invoice from Arsenal before the end of term.

4. When does the programme start?

Most schools choose to start the programme at the beginning of the term. You are, however, free to schedule the programme according to your needs. Please allow up to 2 weeks after placing your order for the materials to arrive.

5. How long do the resources last?

It’s difficult to say, as it depends on how much of the materials you decide to use. As a rule of thumb, if you were to run the programme for 1 hour per week, using the pupil workbook, teacher’s notes and online activities, it would last about 8 weeks. If you deliver the coaching sessions too, that would of course add more time. We always encourage teachers to add in their own creative touches where they feel pupils would benefit. This would again prolong the length of the programme.

6. Can I see a sample of the resources before committing?

Yes, please visit the Resources page and select which language you want to see samples for. Unfortunately we cannot send complete booklets as samples.

7. What’s in the Members’ Area and how long do I have access to it?

The Members’ Area contains all Intermediate Level materials, as well as the downloadable extras mentioned in the Beginners Level teacher’s notes. This includes the interactive PowerPoints, activity sheets, flashcards and player footage.

Please note that you will only gain access to the language(s) you sign up for, and your account will automatically expire at the end of the academic year.

8. How often do you update the resources?

We try to keep the resources as up-to-date as possible. Obviously this can be challenging when players move teams or when kits change design! Naturally, our online resources are easier to update than the paper booklets. Keep an eye on our Twitter page for news and updates.

Tip: If (inevitably) a pupil notices that a player no longer plays for Arsenal or any other team mentioned within the resources, challenge them to say so in the target language. An easy way to practise the past tense!

9. Do you recommend running the programme during curriculum time or after-school?

Both work fine – do whatever works best for your school. For ideas on how to run the programme, please visit the How Does it Work? section.

10. Do we have to run the coaching sessions?

No, the delivery model is flexible. However we do encourage schools to fit the coaching sessions in wherever possible – even as a treat or one-off – as they can be extremely motivating for pupils.

11. Can I order resources in more than one language?

Yes. This is included within the offer of Beginners Level resources for 30 pupils for £100. Just consider your group sizes in each language – we recommend a minimum of 8 pupils in a group to run sessions effectively. At Intermediate Level all online resources are free of charge. If you come for the Language Day visit, we can accommodate more than one language in the same group, although the maximum group size for a tour is 30 pupils.

12. How do I book a Language Day visit to Emirates Stadium?

Please e-mail languages@arsenal.co.uk once you have started running your programme to arrange a suitable date. The Language Day visit should take place after you have completed running the programme in school. Please note that our ability to host school groups depends on Arsenal’s First Team fixtures, which are subject to change due to television selections. Therefore it may not be possible to confirm a date more than 2 months in advance.

13. When is the best time to come for a Language Day visit?

Language Day visit can take place weekdays during term time, excluding home matchdays. A visit will last approximately 2 hours in total. Schools can choose between a morning or afternoon session. Please note that July (and towards the end of June) are peak times for tourists visiting the stadium, as well as for maintenance works during the off-season. We strongly advise planning your Language Day visit outside of these months to avoid disappointment. If you run the programme during the Summer Term, it is advisable to delay your Language Day visit until September.

14. Can we attend a Language Day visit without running the programme in school?

No, we currently do not offer Language Day visits to schools who have not run the programme in school. Only pupils who have completed the programme will be able to attend a Language Day visit.

15. Is this programme suitable for girls?


16. Is this programme suitable for non-Arsenal fans?

Yes – no knowledge of Arsenal (or football) is required to teach or learn from the materials. The link to Arsenal and football is purely motivational. For any non-Arsenal fans, they can be equally engaged in the programme if they like football or support another team. Allow them the opportunity to express a negative opinion and state preferences in the target language.

17. Who delivers the sessions in school?

It is the school’s responsibility to run all sessions in school. Please visit the Who Runs the Sessions? page for further guidance on this.

If you have any doubts about running any of the sessions, please e-mail languages@arsenal.co.uk to enquire about any CPD sessions being offered. Please note that CPD sessions are normally in the North London area, close to Emirates Stadium.

18. Which age group should I run the programme with?

The resources are designed according to the pupils’ level of language, rather than their age. The Beginners Level resources are for pupils with little or no prior knowledge of the language, so can be used at primary or secondary level. They can also be used to reinforce existing knowledge, with the focus being on enjoyment and motivation. The Intermediate Level resources vary from upper Key Stage 2 right the way through to Key Stage 4.

19. Will we get to meet any Arsenal players?

Sadly not – only digitally through our online content!

20. Can anyone from Arsenal visit our school to speak to our students?

We are only able to visit schools in our local boroughs of Islington, Camden and Hackney. If your school is in one of these boroughs, please contact languages@arsenal.co.uk to find out what other services we can offer to local schools.

All schools are welcome to use our range of free materials (no sign up required) which can be found in the Fun Zone. These include interviews with Arsenal players, employees and Arsène Wenger about their language skills, among other features.